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In 2010, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that roughly 12 million Americans (age 12 and older) reported nonmedical use of prescription painkillers in the past year. The number of overdose deaths attributed to prescription painkillers is now greater than that of deaths from heroin and cocaine combined.

With prescription drug abuse on the rise in America, is your medical facility doing everything it can to practice safe prescribing? Take the following self-test to see how well your medical practice is doing in the war against prescription drug abuse:

Safe Prescribing Evaluation (answer YES or NO to each question)

If you have answered “NO” to any of the above questions, your practice could be at risk of prescription pad theft or fraud. Consider the steps your practice could take to eliminate these risks and set a higher standard for safe prescribing.

With the introduction of e-prescribing and electronic medical records (EMR), it is important that physicians don’t take a step backward in the evolution of prescription forms by going back to white paper. Counterfeit-resistant prescription forms, to be used hand in hand with e-prescribing software, are readily available for standard office printers.

Using secure prescription forms is only one part of the equation to resolving prescription drug abuse. It is, however, a very easy and affordable safe prescribing step for all medical professionals to take.

Rx Security, a leading supplier of counterfeit-resistant prescription forms, first introduced this technology in 1989. Today, tens of thousands of physicians use our product as a weapon in the fight against prescription drug abuse. Rx Security hears firsthand stories of prescription drug abuse regularly from physicians across North America.

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