***NOTICE: We are approved by the california department of justice to print new serial numbering prescription forms that are compliant with law ab-149 ***

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Rx Security Inc. makes every effort to ensure that all orders are completed within our guaranteed in-house processing timeframe, and that all orders are processed using the highest standards of quality and accuracy guidelines. However - we still are human after all, and as such, mistakes can happen. We hope that it is in our expert handling and customer care in these (possible and few-and-far-between) situations that we can truly earn your trust and continued patronage.

Custom Product

Due to the customized nature of much of our product, sometimes “returning” is not a viable option. Personalized paper and pads cannot be redistributed to other customers so instead we may ask of you to “destroy” or “dispose” of the flawed goods in a “secure” manner. As our products are of a sensitive and secure nature, it is strongly encouraged that some form of shredding (at least) be used in its destruction to prevent the likelihood of forgery and product getting into the wrong hands.

The Design Proof Approval Process

Within 24 business hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of receiving your order - whether via fax, phone or our online website www.rxsecurity.com - we will process your order. For new orders that do not fall within our regular “template” formats or for re-orders that require any changes or alterations, a “Design Proof” will be sent for your approval. Once a design is confirmed and approved, your order will then be printed and shipped out from our facility within 24 business hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

We accept returns and will refund payment if you are disappointed because:

  1. The text layout (“design”) of the product is materially different and does not match the design that you approved via the proof approval process as described above
  2. The product you received is materially flawed
  3. The printed quality of the product is not within reasonable expectations
  4. None of the security features of the product perform as necessary in order to be compliant with applicable legislation in your area

How to Request and Process a Return/Refund

Please call 1.800.667.9723 or email us at info@rxsecurity.com for questions regarding return and refund information.

Return claims must be filed with the customer service department within 14 days of receiving your order. Photos of defects or deficiencies may also be requested. Use the contact information above to submit a claim.